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APR is the perfect choice for Volkswagen and Audi

APR Stage 1 is Software only

We think of stage 1 tunes as how the engineers designed the car before the lawyers got involved. Stage 1 is software only and 100% reversible. The first 35% of the tune is backing up your original software to the cloud you can always flash back to stock. Because of this, many peoples first stop after picking up their cars at the dealer is us so they can unlock their new car’s potential! 

APR Stage 2 adds parts and new software

Want even more than  stage 1? Stage 2 ads parts to open up the airways on your cars engine with upgraded software to take advantage of the extra air. The power gains can be massive through the whole power band. This is peoples next step when their cars warranty is up because the addition of hardware means its not invisible without the hardware being replaced with OE.

APR Stage 3 adds new forced induction.

Want the maximum power? APR stage 3 will move your car into super car territory without sacrificing reliability. APR Stage 3 systems are a complete package to get the maximum of your cars potential. 

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COBB TUNING perfect for Subaru, Ford, BMW, Mitsubishi and Porsche

COBB Tuning

COBB Tuning has been the number one name in Subaru tuning for years. The combination of solid tunes and their Accessport that acts as a performance computer when its not tuning is a winning combination.

COBB Tuning offers a straight upgrade path so you can start with an Accessport and add better tunes as you add the parts to support them.